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Locate Mobile - Read Our Mobile Phone Tracking Press Coverage. As seen on Sky News

"Vehicle mobile tracking technology increases productivity and saves us money - without this tracking we couldn't manage our salesforce as effectively and ensure their safety…"

"We looked at GPS vehichle tracking units such as TomTom and TrimTrac but these cost hundred of pounds just for the units and with rising fuel costs this was a way of saving money…"

"Mobile tracking was a cheaper alternative for our business than fitting costly GPS trackers in each of our vehicless. Our van drivers also now feel reasurred their personal safety is being protected by using their own mobile to locate their position at all times. It's also so easy and quick to track the mobile online…"

"The appeal from a business perspective is that this requires no new hardware or tracking software. Everyone carries a mobile phone on them these days! This meant we could be up an running on all our fleet vehicles within a few days. We didn't need to train our staff or buy any new mobiles…"

Our Pay As You Go mobile phone tracking system is ideal for businesses or families and is a cheaper, more efficient, alternative to GPS vehicle tracking. Revolutionary GSM technology now allows registered users to locate a mobile phone handset and then display the position instantly on a web map of Great Britain & N.Ireland - with an accuracy of up to 50 metres. Each mobile phone tracking search then costs as little as 17p.So there's no need to buy any new equipment or hardware. Just use the mobile phones your staff or family carry around with them all the time. You don't even need to download any software or make any adjustments to the mobile phone or Sim card. No need to change mobile networks or have your phones unlocked. Our technology simply locks in on the mobile phone signal to calculate its position.

Whether you run a fleet of vehicles operating in time and service critical industries or have traveling tradesmen / sales staff, or employ workers in construction or agriculture, mobile phone tracking location technology is the simple, easy to use, alternative to investing in expensive GPS satellite location systems. If your business is mobile then you need mobile phone tracking! For further details contact Customer Support on 08432893425 or follow us on Twitter click here.

. To see the system work click the "Demo" link above to see how you can track the location of a mobile. Non business users may like to try our family and friends service by visiting our other website Traceamobile.com

  • Tracks any mobile phone handset
  • No expensive GPS vehicle hardware required
  • No extra software required
  • Pay As You Go tracking from just £25.99p
  • Access mobile tracking via the internet
  • Cheaper than GPS Van Tracking
  • Recover your lost or misplaced mobile assets
  • Mobile phone tracking technology is simple and easy to use and can be set up in minutes. Unlike vehicle tracking, mobile tracking also means you can continue to track, even when the employee has left their car or van. It even tracks while the person is on a mobile making a call so it's a non intrusive way of checking on their location at any time. Working on all the four major mobile phone networks the ability to track mobile phones means you can monitor your work force or delivery fleet every minute, any time, day or night to improve business efficiency.

    You can access your password protected mobile tracker account, simply and easily, via the internet. Using Ordnance Survey™ maps you can zoom in or out, right down to street level to view any tracking records or you can locate a mobile just by receiving a free daily emailed report configured to times of the day you have set via an online calendar.

    Finally, mobile phone tracking is also a useful safety feature to help you trace employees or find people, friends and family who may be driving a vehicle or get into difficulty or go missing and therefore can't answer their mobile. So even if they can't call for help you can call for help for them!

    Service complies with the Code of Practice for the use of passive location mobile services in the UK For further details click here to read what regulations apply in the Uk for mobile phone tracking.

    Network Operator Approved. We currently support the following mobile networks:

    Orange, T-mobile, Vodafone, O2, Fresh, Tesco, Easymobile, Virgin Mobile

    Please note. Location Services are designed to locate the mobile of another person. For the service to work, the phone has to be switched on and within network coverage. Mobile location services aimed at children are intended to complement, not be a substitute for, normal parental supervision. They give information about the location of a child's mobile phone and, in conjunction with other types of communication, such as phoning or texting, can help parents keep in touch with their children.

    Apart from GSM phone tracking we also offer for sale a number of personal GPS tracker units. The GPS matchbox is a stand-a-lone GPS logger that stores all it's movements on an internal memory chip. The closest comparison that you may be familiar with could be a black box recorder on an aircraft. Both these products could revolutionise your fleet vehicle or sales business. Click products below for details.

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